Pli Side Table

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  • The Pli side table brings objects of unusual crystalline elegance and astonishing geometry to living environments. The bends and folds that give Pli its name almost make the stainless steel base look like an over sized finely polished precious stone. The four different colour versions of the table result from the different duration of the surface treatment.

    The side table's oval forms of the base and tabletop establish an attractive contrast with the facets of the base, which creates a fascinating play with light friction and colour reflections in the room and are an ideal companion for sofas, chairs or beds. The Pli side table's are reminiscent of the elegance of past decades and yet have a contemporary 21st century design. 

  • W420 x D560 x H480mm

  • Base: folded, high-gloss polished stainless steel sheet.
    Tabletop: glass. Gliders in black felt.

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